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Today the President of Carsmartt®, F/K/A Sport Supplement Group,Inc. (OTC-SRSP) Roy Capasso, announces corporate update.

He states that “The Company has now started a marketing campaign for the Colombia rideshare community. Latin America is one of the fastest growing market in the world and Carsmartt® is committed to grow its users and give a better service for city to city destinations with background check for people and parcels shipping.

Mr. Vito Visconti announces that Carsmartt® has released its Facebook page for the Colombian market, https://www.facebook.com/CarSmarttCO/. The safety of Trains and Busses is not guaranteed, and the mass transportation system in Bogota is enormously crowded and chaotic.

Carsmartt® offers safety, and their drivers will be there when you need to travel and send parcels from peer to peer. Drivers save money on gas, while riders save time; both have the opportunity to make a new friend. This is a win-win model that unlocks latent value in the empty seats of those driving alone. It also creates environmental and economic benefits by enabling a more efficient use of resources, addressing congestion problems, and encouraging affordable and social travel experiences. In areas where existing transportation is expensive, unavailable or inconvenient, Carsmartt® provides an attractive alternative.

Our COO Mr. Visconti announced today Carsmartt® has reached almost 1,000 users on its Android and Apple application with approximately 30 new users daily.

Mr. Visconti said this volume has been achieved with a limited marketing budget pending its determination of a Private Placement or Crowdfunding campaign which it intends to launch in the next sixty (60) days.

About Carsmartt®
CarSmartt Inc. F/K/A Sports Supplement Group,Inc. is a startup company of the revolutionary APP.CARSMARTT.COM a ride sharing concept located in Palo Alto CA. (Silicon Valley),at CarSmartt® we aim to make long distance traveling safer and more affordable, while connecting with people along the way. CarSmartt® members can choose to share a ride or ship a package with the option of applying insurance coverage. All CarSmartt® drivers are subject to a background check to reassure the safety of passengers. CarSmartt® is currently now active in the USA, ITALY, MEXICO and COLOMBIA. However, our company will soon continue to expand to Europe , Canada and Latin America.

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