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PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 13, 2017 – CarSmartt, Inc. F/K/A Sports Supplement Group, Inc. (OTC Pink: SRSP) provided its stockholders with a corporate update. 

Roy Capasso, SRSP’s Chief Executive Officer, is pleased to announce today that on November 7, 2017, United States patent and trademark office has approved our name and logo CASRSMARTT for CLASS 9: Computer software for coordinating transportation services, namely, software for electronic message alerts featuring leads, optimal matches, and scheduling movement of motorized vehicles. 

Registration Number: 5,328,547 

FIRST USE 11-15-2016; IN COMMERCE 3-1-2017 The mark consists of the literal elements “CAR SMARTT” appear within a design of a circular light bulb, where the word “CAR” is dark and small, while the larger print “SMARTT” extends from one side of the bulb to the other in white. The base of the bulb consists of three stacked ovals with a fourth smaller oval beneath, with space between each shape. 

No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the following apart from the mark as shown: “CAR” AND “SMART” SER. NO. 87-393,467, FILED 03-31-2017 

About SRSP 

CarSmartt Inc. F/K/A Sports Supplement Group, Inc. is a startup company and owner of the revolutionary APP.CARSMARTT.COM; Carsmartt@ is a ride sharing concept for people and packages. Carsmartt@ is located in Palo Alto CA. (Silicon Valley).

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